Prize Promotions: another customer experience

  1. Prize Promotions Limited is the official professional fundraiser for military charity Afghan Heroes.
  2. Prize Promotions is raising funds for another “heroes” military charity – Our Local Heroes Foundation. (
  3. On 8 March 2014, I received an interesting account of another experience with Prize Promotions – this time apparently raising funds for Our Local Heroes Foundation. Please see the comment from
    “Andy” on the post

4 thoughts on “Prize Promotions: another customer experience

  1. This is the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of registered charities that appear to have been set up to make money for the people who run them. If you put a pound in their bucket, only a few pence will actually go to a good cause. Some of them are “middlemen” charities; they don’t do anything except raise money and then pass on a small percentage of it to another charity. It doesn’t seem to worry the Charity Commission too much. Supermarkets, town councils, etc, could also be more careful about who they allow to collect on their premises. I suspect usually they just look for a charity registration number. One supermarket even has a “charity of the year” that gives less than 4 per cent of their expenditure to the children they claim to be helping.

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