TTS Promotions Limited was fundraiser for Army of Angels

  1. On 18 February 2014, I exposed how at July 2013 military charity Army of Angels (registered charity number: 1143612) was displaying the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) “give with confidence” tick logo on its website, despite then not being a member of the FRSB. ( There I also showed that when I queried this, the charity first ignored me; and then when it did finally answer the legitimate question, its response was inadequate.
  2. In my 18 March 2014 post on Families of the Brave, another military charity, I described how its official professional fundraiser, Sterling Support, had previously worked with Army of Angels. (
  3. Here I reveal that Army of Angels worked with TTS Promotions Limited, a fundraiser based in Stoke, after ending its relationship with Sterling Support.
  4. Andrew Penman exposed fundraiser TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd, also of Stoke, in his 20 March 2014 column in the Daily Mirror newspaper, “Is Prize Draw the full ticket?”. TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd sells £2.50 “prize draw” tickets apparently for yet another military charity, Help 4 Homeless Veterans. Neither the charity nor TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd would disclose to Penman – let alone the original purchaser – how much of the ticket price, if any, went to the charity.
  5. TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd is a new company, incorporated 20 September 2013. It has two directors, Anthony John Chetwynd and Sean Lockett. Both are also directors of TTS Promotions Limited with a third director, Thomas Bergin. TTS Promotions Limited, too, is newly incorporated: 19 June 2013. Neither company has filed accounts. (Source of company information: Companies House.)
  6. On 4 October 2013, Army of Angels tweeted (@aoa_official): “TTS Promotions are no longer trading with us as of now. They have raised over £15,000 for Army of Angels. A…”, with a link to the “Skill Draw” page on the charity’s website, On the same day, Army of Angels also announced on Facebook termination of its relationship with TTS Promotions Limited:
  7. Here is the “Skill Draw” page from the website at the announcement (i.e. 4 October 2013): You can see the tweet in the “Latest Tweets” section, bottom left. The parting of Army of Angels and TTS Promotions Limited seems to have been sudden as the page states: “Army of Angels are pleased to announce that TTS Promotions will be our new fundraising partner going into 2014.” The charity describes TTS Promotions Limited as “experienced skill draw specialists”. Yet it’s a new company.
  8. It is unclear when exactly TTS Promotions Limited started working with Army of Angels. But according to the “Our clients” page on the Sterling Support website (, Sterling Support was “offical [sic] charity partner” to Army of Angels September 2010-May 2013. And TTS Promotions Limited was only incorporated 19 June 2013.
  9. Please note: following my 18 March 2014 post on Families of the Brave, a password is now required to view the Sterling Support homepage. ( Nevertheless, at 22 March 2014 it is still possible to access directly the “Our clients” page with the full address,!our-clients/c8k2.
  10. There are three striking similarities between TTS Promotions Limited/ TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd and Prize Promotions Limited, the official professional fundraiser for Afghan Heroes. ( First, both operate competitions apparently requiring “skill”. But as for Prize Promotions Limited, the “skill draw” isn’t a legitimate competition design. Second, both don’t have websites, which makes me suspicious. Neither is open and transparent. Third, both won’t answer legitimate questions, as I found with Prize Promotions Limited and as was the experience of the Mirror’s Penman – and his reader – with TTS Promotions Limited/ TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd.
  11. Army of Angels says that TTS Promotions Limited raised “over £15,000” for the charity. Perhaps it did. But how much did TTS Promotions Limited keep for itself?
  12. ADDENDUM: The three directors of TTS Promotions Limited are also the directors of Wounded Heroes Limited. Incorporated 20 June 2013, this company hasn’t filed accounts either.

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