Prize draw by Prize Promotions Limited for Our Local Heroes Foundation

  1. On 4 March 2014, I reported that Prize Promotions Limited, the official professional fundraiser for Afghan Heroes, was raising funds for another “heroes” military charity – Our Local Heroes Foundation. (
  2. In that post, I gave the link for the 17 February 2014 announcement by Our Local Heroes Foundation that Prize Promotions Limited was holding a “prize draw” on its behalf. ( That link is no longer functional: following it results in automatic redirection to the charity homepage.
  3. The announcement of the “prize draw” by Prize Promotions Limited is now dated as 5 March 2014 on the Our Local Heroes Foundation website. (
  4. But there is no mention of Prize Promotions Limited in the “prize draw” results that the charity published 27 March 2014. ( It seems that comedian Bobby Ball didn’t perform the draw for Prize Promotions Limited this time. ( Further, Tony Chadwick, director of Prize Promotions Limited, doesn’t appear in the photo of the winning tickets either. Hitherto he has: for example, see this Facebook page from Afghan Heroes dated 28 September 2012 announcing the Prize Promotions “raffle” winners: Is Our Local Heroes Foundation now trying to hide the role of Prize Promotions Limited?
  5. My 4 March 2014 post also documented how Prize Promotions Limited was listed as a “corporate sponsor” of Our Local Heroes Foundation. ( Now the charity has removed the company from its sponsors page, too.
  6. On 8 March 2014, I received an interesting account of a customer experience of Prize Promotions Limited raising funds for Our Local Heroes Foundation. ( It corroborated my experience of Prize Promotions Limited raising funds for Afghan Heroes. (

21 thoughts on “Prize draw by Prize Promotions Limited for Our Local Heroes Foundation

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  2. Prize Promotions are in Reading Station today raising money for ‘our local heroes’, particularly aggressive in their approach to the passing public….

  3. To add to this, I was told ‘25% goes to the charity coz we have to pay for this stall’. When I asked for more information I was given a ticket (£2.50) for a skill prize competition, draw taking place on 25/6/2014, with the admin email address for prize promotions and details about our local heroes foundation. There was nothing about any terms for the draw.

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  6. Absolutely appalling my donation was on the understanding that the monies raised would go to disabled soldiers. My ticket number is 236603 at £2:50 a go that already comes to £591,507.50p
    and the draw isn`t until 25th Jun “allegedly”. the tickets and the advertising is cleverly designed
    to mimic the Save the heroes charity. Initially I gave willingly but had I known the facts. I wouldn`t have done. Someone ought to alert Watchdog !!! Joe Doncaster

  7. I have been phoning since yesterday to find out the results as I bought £10 of tickets, cant get them yet. Both our local heroes and prize promotions didn’t have them yesterday and today our local heroes haven’t got them. I found out yesterday when speaking to prize promotions that only 20% went to the charity and the y have to pay the supermarkets!!! to let them sell I am now wondering whether to report to police or local press

  8. I think this is a scam the guy charged us a tenner wasn’t till we got home we realised they were 2 50 . Shocking how they cn use this to scam people

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  10. I bought £10 of tickets and can’t get any info on winning tickets. If this is a scam, it is appalling when our soldiers deserve all the help we can give them. To know only 20% goes to the ‘charity’ makes me feel a right idiot for donating. I’ll stick to ‘help for heroes’.

  11. I bought 2 tickets and didnt realise it was actually a draw with a question on it that perhaps I should have been asked to make my ticket eligible for the draw. No terms and conditions relating to the draw, so contacted local trading standards who advised contact Consume rAdvice which I have , they have taken all info but told me to contact Charity Commisioners, but looking at prevoius comments think it would be a waste of my time. I feel really strongly about how the chariites are being misrepresented by these promoters. Mine is TTS Promotions based in Stoke-on-Trent.

  12. i bought a book of tickets cost 20 pounds i feel i been duped i will never be able to trust anyone selling tickets on the street or by someone pushing a tin in your face

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  15. Our Local Heroes collectors are in The Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre until Saturday 28th February 2015. Apparently, they state that 100% of the money goes to the cause.

  16. I bought a ticket when visiting the UK a couple of weeks ago. The ticket seller kept trying to push me to donate £40 and upwards by trying to tug at my heart strings when pushing the cause of wounded soldiers. I let him carry on for a while and when he though he had me I stopped him and told him that I work for the Army in Germany. More waffle about wounded soldiers – until I told him that I work with a Personnel Recovery Unit. He changed tack and started asking about the Army leaving Germany and waffled on about how dreadful that is because so many “lads” will be out of work. Clearly he was out of his depth and was taken aback when I told him that soldiers are being brought back to the UK, they are not being made redundant. Although the ticket sellers may be genuinely trying to do their best, the company is definitely scamming the public.

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