Prize Promotions Limited: whither Afghan Heroes?

  1. On 30 March 2014, I presented evidence that military charity Our Local Heroes Foundation might be trying to hide the role of Prize Promotions Limited in its fundraising. (
  2. That Prize Promotions Limited has never had a website for the public has always made me suspicious. (See para 10 in Yet it has always had a website to recruit “sales promotion staff” to sell “skill prize draw tickets in shopping centres across the UK” on behalf of Afghan Heroes: Well, it has until now.
  3. The company has now done a “find and replace” on its recruitment site: there is no mention of Afghan Heroes, only Our Local Heroes Foundation. Otherwise appears to be the same.
  4. What does Afghan Heroes patron Bobby Ball, the comedian, think about Prize Promotions Limited hiding its role with his charity?
  5. That’s comedian Bobby Ball who performs draws for the charity Cancer Recovery Foundation – UK… organised by Prize Promotions Limited. (See para 34 in

4 thoughts on “Prize Promotions Limited: whither Afghan Heroes?

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