Accessible Aid For Heroes: “Our main object for 2014”

  1. Accessible Aid For Heroes/Accessible Aid has updated its website (at 1 May 2014). It states: “Our main object for 2014 is to raise £100 000 to breed and train our own squadron of comrade dogs for service personnel diagnosed with post trumatic [sic] stress disorder and other symptoms confirmed from being in the services.” (
  2. But the “prize draw” Terms and Conditions still don’t say how much of the ticket price goes to the charity. (
  3. Chair and founder John Kelly hasn’t replied to my 28 April 2014 email asking for the proportion either. (

One thought on “Accessible Aid For Heroes: “Our main object for 2014”

  1. What exactly are comrade dogs? And why do they need to be specially bred and trained? There are for example several charities looking for homes for greyhounds. Wouldn’t they make good comrade dogs?
    So is Access Network Equality a company? And how is it related to Accessible Aid (for Heroes)? I am getting confused. And John Kelly and James Webber also run another charity, Action for Better Access (702841) – where does that fit in? And Charity Water Ltd, which is run by James Webber?

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