Accessible Aid For Heroes: Similar name, similar purpose to Hounds for Heroes

  1. Yesterday I reported that new Blackpool “heroes” military charity Accessible Aid For Heroes/Accessible Aid has announced its “main object for 2014”: “…to raise £100 000 to breed and train our own squadron of comrade dogs for service personnel diagnosed with post trumatic [sic] stress disorder and other symptoms confirmed from being in the services.” (
  2. There is already a charity whose purpose is “to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK armed forces and the emergency services”. It’s called Hounds for Heroes (registered charity number: 1134359;
  3. So not only is the name of the new charity similar to Help for Heroes. It also resembles Hounds for Heroes. Further, the purpose of the new charity echoes that of Hounds for Heroes, too.

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