Soldiering On Through Life Trust: a very inefficient military charity is now even more inefficient

  1. Military charity Soldiering On Through Life Trust (SOTLT; registered charity number: 1144828) gives the impression that it directly supports “heroes”, but in fact it doesn’t. Rather, it in turn donates funds to other military charities – very inefficiently. In 2012, it donated only 8.3% (i.e. £15 000) of its £180 564 income to military charities. So for whom exactly is the charity raising funds? (
  2. But SOTLT is now even more inefficient, according to its second accounts. In 2013, it donated just 7.2% (i.e. £12 000) of its £165 982 income to military charities.
  3. I ask again, even more so: why is consumer champion Martin Lewis endorsing SOTLT? (

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