Our Local Heroes Foundation: Prize Promotions Limited staff “harass” and then aggressively “pursue” woman who declines to buy wristband

  1. On 12 September 2014, I received yet another independent report of unacceptable behaviour from Prize Promotions Limited staff – that day selling wristbands in Watford town centre on behalf of Our Local Heroes Foundation, the military charity.
  2. The Prize Promotions Limited staff firstly “harassed” a “young woman” for money. When she declined to buy a wristband, the street sellers then “pursued her, shouting that her excuse was not good enough”.
  3. The woman who witnessed this incident had herself bought a wristband earlier. But after observing the unacceptable behaviour, she “wanted to ask for my money back”. This isn’t the conduct of a “legitimate” charity, she concludes.
  4. See the damning comment from “heidi” on the post https://dralexmay.wordpress.com/2014/07/24/our-local-heroes-foundation-prize-promotions-limited-again-selling-wristbands-on-the-street-without-a-street-collection-permit/.