Army of Angels: From TTS Promotions to Vale Promotions

  1. The military charity Army of Angels has a new official professional fundraiser, Vale Promotions. Here I show why Vale Promotions invites suspicion.
  2. In April, a trustee of the military charity Help 4 Homeless Veterans, Kevin Hartley, rebuked me after I’d written about his charity and its official professional fundraiser, TTS Promotions Limited/ TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd. ( As you can see, Hartley took particular exception to my examining his professional fundraiser.
  3. The previous month, I’d revealed that Army of Angels used to work with TTS Promotions – until Army of Angels suddenly ended the relationship without explanation 4 October 2013. (
  4. TTS Promotions was this summer working with yet another military charity, Forces Support (registered charity number: 1136954; I know because in July someone wrote to me complaining about the alleged unacceptable conduct of TTS Promotions when raising funds for Forces Support. (The person wishes to remain anonymous.)
  5. Well, it seems that Forces Support has got rid of TTS Promotions: see this announcement from the charity dated 1 September 2014 on Facebook: My correspondent wasn’t the only one dissatisfied with TTS Promotions: the charity apparently received “constant complaints”. There Forces Support says that it has reported TTS Promotions to the police.
  6. Back to Army of Angels: it now uses another professional fundraiser to organise its prize draws, Vale Promotions: The charity provides no other information about the company on that page – no link to a website, say – just its name.
  7. So who exactly are Vale Promotions? Or rather who is Vale Promotions, as the company has one director, Sean Lockett, according to Companies House. It’s a new company, only incorporated 20 August 2014. Like TTS Promotions, Vale Promotions doesn’t actually have a website. Yet there’s a more important similarity: Sean Lockett was a director of TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd until 21 October 2014. And he remains a director of TTS Promotions Limited.
  8. Sterling Support preceded TTS Promotions as official professional fundraiser for Army of Angels. ( After Army of Angels, Sterling Support worked with the notorious new military charity, Families of the Brave. In March, I helped expose Families of the Brave and Sterling Support. ( The day after I published my investigation, Sterling Support made its website inaccessible: a password was now required to view it. ( While in April, the Families of the Brave website vanished. ( Both Families of the Brave and Sterling Support now appear to have shut down, as confirmed by Andrew Penman in his 13 November 2014 column in the Daily Mirror newspaper. (
  9. Sterling Support, then TTS Promotions – Army of Angels has previously worked with discredited professional fundraisers. While new official professional fundraiser, Vale Promotions, is in fact run by a director of TTS Promotions. It is clear that Vale Promotions invites suspicion.

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