Cancer charity sends “bullying” junk mail – The Daily Mirror

  1. On 12 February 2015, Andrew Penman in his column in The Daily Mirror rightly criticises a cancer charity – one that used to work with Prize Promotions Limited, the notorious Blackpool-based professional fundraiser. As I’ve mentioned before, Prize Promotions Limited hasn’t just been an official professional fundraiser for military charities Afghan Heroes and Our Local Heroes Foundation.
  2. The charity is Cancer Recovery Foundation – UK (registered charity number: 1105703), although it appears in Penman’s column as the Children’s Cancer Recovery Project, one of its other names.
  3. A reader complained to Penman after receiving junk mail from the charity that included a free gift, a torch. Seeking cash, the charity invited the recipient to shine the torch to “remember a child with cancer and the light that you can bring to their darkest days”. Yuck.
  4. As the reader says: “It’s moral blackmail and a form of bullying as people would not like to see a charity losing money on said ‘gifts’”.
  5. Many people find the gift “most welcome”, explained the charity. At least Penman got a response. “We’re happy to answer questions about our fundraising”, proclaims Cancer Recovery Foundation – UK. Yet in November last year the charity declined to respond to emails asking why it had stopped working with Prize Promotions Limited. ( But also why exactly did it work with the discredited company in the first place?

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