Army of Heroes in Liverpool city centre – photo

  1. Army of Heroes is yet another bogus military charity from in or around Blackpool. In December 2014, I encountered its wristband sellers in Manchester city centre. (
  2. Here is a photo of Army of Heroes in Liverpool city centre 12 February 2015, between Church Street (see sign) and Williamson Street. The logo on their backs is that on the laughable website, Keep walking if you’re unfortunate enough to encounter Army of Heroes. (Thanks to Mike Ashworth for the photo.)

Liverpool city centre


4 thoughts on “Army of Heroes in Liverpool city centre – photo

  1. They are currently in Glasgow. Made a call to the police, and they seem to be taking it seriously. But I guess they’ll just hit up another city?

  2. Oh dear, clearly somebody who hasn’t dome their homework properly. I’m just wondering “Mr internet troll”, who hides behind the cloak of anonymity calling yourself ‘Dr Alex May’, do you work for one of the major – so called Army Charities? Because you seem to spend your time attacking the small start up organisations, whom actually do an awful lot of good, compared to the majors, whom have boards of directors earning six figure salaries, and eye watering six figure annual bonuses that would make city bankers jealous!
    Why is it that you attack small organisations like ours, whom have already been thoroughly investigated and been given a clean bill of health by licensing and trading standards?Lets start with your points 1 – 14.

    1 – I have designed the website myself, I’m so sorry that I didn’t spend £10k + having a professional web design company make the website for me. I would rather spend that money on the cause, rather than see it wasted, which is why I created the website myself, because it cost me £0 to create, that is ZERO pounds and ZERO pence in case you have difficulty understanding that. Im sorry that you dont like our website, but you cant please everyone eh!

    Thats right, we are NOT a registered charity, and that is clearly stated on our website, as well as the documentation that our volunteers carry with them. As Im sure your aware, that to become a registered charity, you must first be a limited company or C.I.C and raise £5000 before you can become registered with the charity commission, that is the law.

    2 – Our wristband sellers, are actually classed as promoters, and it says as such on their authorisation forms, and on their photo i.d badges it says – “Promoter” in the staff title section. They are independent sellers, and all have pedelars licenses, they DO NOT need a collectors permit, because they are not collecting money for a charity, they are raising awareness of our organisation, this is clearly explained in the first paragraph of the laminated authorisation lettere that they carry around with them, so as NOT to confuse the general public.

    3 – The wristband sellers would never say the word charity, as their paperwork clearly states that we are not a charity as does the website, and I would love to see a video recording of any of them saying otherwise.

    4 – 11 Thats right, you were directed to read the information on his letter of authorisation as you were clearly confused, and the seller was rightly leading you to the correct information so as there wouldn’t have been any confusion on your part. As we are not a charity, and the sellers all have pedelars licenses, NO collection permit is needed from any council for the wristbands to be sold.

    12 – As Has been already pointed out to you, and explained to you by the wristband seller, and as you have already gleaned from our website, we ARE NOT a charity, so how can we be a BOGUS charity, when we are not even a charity in the first place. We are a registered non for profit organisation, and during the course of this year, we SHALL become a registered charity, but as of todays date – 23/02/15 we are NOT a registered charity, and that fact is correctly stated on our website. Also you have the incorrect company registration number for companies house. The correct registration number is – 09407928
    Global VIP Card is nothing to do with Army of Heroes. When Army of Heroes was started, the founding director registered it under his Global VIP Card number. However Mr Reece Haslam lost interest in the project, and Army of Heroes was put on hold for 10 months. After which I personally removed it from his Global VIP Card Organisation, and he resigned as director, leaving his own organisation directorless.

    Army of Heroes has just one Director, and as of todays date, just two volunteers. Hopefully more volunteers shall come on board as the year progresses. We are not linked with or connected to any other firm from Blackpool. We are based in Lytham-St-Annes which is not Blackpool, it is not even in the same County. Lytham-St-Annes is based in Fylde, whereas Blackpool is a self governing county all of its own.

    13 – As already explained Global VIP Card is directorless, it was set up by Reece Haslam as a rival company to Luke Varleys. Reece is an ex employee of Lukes, and left his company to set up his own rival company. The two people are not friends, in fact they are arch rivals. As already stated A.O.H has distanced itself from Global VIP, and Reece Haslam is no longer part of A.O.H

    14- Army of Heroes shall go from strength to strenght, and we have no plans of stopping.

    Your remarks are not only derogatory, but legally they are slanderous, and I would tread carefully if I were you in making such slanderous remarks, as the law has changed recently with regards to internet trolls like yourself, posting outrageous and slanderous remarks on the internet.

    A simple phone call to ourselves would have answered all of your questions, yet you seem to have gone off on your own tangent and posted complete and utter rubbish about our organisation, as you have done with regards to other organisations on your website. For somebody whom proclaims in your title to be a Dr, you really do go about things in an unprofessional manner

  3. Dr Who ? That’s Dr Alex May and his ridiculous accusations……………………………..lets have a look at them.
    The great Doctor “ALLEGES” that all of these organisations that he writes about are bogus! Well lets just have a closer look shall we. First of all lets look at every organisation he writes about that are actual registered charities, we shall deal with promotions companies and non for profit organisations later on.

    The Charities………………………he alleges that they are all bogus! Well, well well. NONE of the directors / founders / owners / controllers of the “Charities” he has written about have been charged or or even convicted of committing any charity fraud! Now…………………………….if these people had been going about setting up “BOGUS” charities, then isn’t it odd that not one person has been convicted, let alone charged by the police for committing such an offence!

    Secondly……………………………….many of these charities have actually done an awful lot of good, and raised between them – millions to help our wounded servicemen and women, and that money has actually been spent on the causes they represent! However, Dr Alex May “Troll” would have you all believe that this money has been spent on Bentley’s, First Class Holidays to the Maldives & Luxury apartments in the Bahamas!
    I find it absolutely incredible that Dr Alex “TROLL” May can make such assertions whence none of the Directors etc etc of these charities have ever been convicted, let alone charged with any offence!!! Dr Alex “Troll” May tries to paint a picture of elaborate frauds conducted, well I’m astounded that he hasn’t offered this treasure trove of information up to the Police, because he CLEARLY is enlightened to more solid and reliable criminal evidence than the Police & CPS have access too!

    The issue of “Bogusness”. If a charitable organisation has a charity number issued by the Charity Commission………………….then……………………it “IS NOT” bogus! There will have been full and due diligence applied, background and CRB (Criminal Records) checks made on the directors / founders etc etc before a charity number would even be granted!
    Yet again, Dr Alex “TROLL” May is obviously a party to more information than what the Government had upon issuing a Charity Number.

    I’m not naming names, but one registered charity, that was given the Dr Alex May ahem ‘treatment’ – actually did a lot of good with the small amount of funds that it raised, unfortunately it folded at the beginning of this year. Now the founder and director of this said charity is now holding a soup kitchen in the same building as the Salvation Army, and he’s paying for the soup kitchen out of his own pocket! Yes that’s right, the charity has folded, but he’s still giving up a substantial amount of his time and providing a soup kitchen out of his own pocket to keep helping the cause!

    Lets deal with promotions companies…………………………..this is another area targeted by Dr Alex “TROLL” May. Yet again, “NONE” of the directors or staff whom work for these promotions companies have ever been convicted for conducting any fraudulent activity! But according to Dr Troll May, they’re all out there on a day to day basis conning the general public, shifting their companies from one director to another and constantly changing names! Again looking further into this, if what Troll May is saying is true, then why is it that none of these persons has never spent as much as one day in prison, let alone been convicted of “ANY” offence of charity fraud???
    It’s interesting isn’t it that many of the UK’s leading charity organisations use promotion companies, and “PAID” professional fundraisers, and even fundraising companies – You’ve all seen them at railway stations, shopping centers and the high street – they’re called “Chuggers”, and they’re all paid a very healthy commission in wages, yet you never see Dr Alex “TROLL” May complaining about any of those!

    The answer is because…………………………………..they’re NOT committing any fraud what-so-ever! These are completely legitimate registered companies, registered at companies house. I have seen photographs of one of these promotions companies, again who’ve been given the Dr Alex “TROLL” May treatment actually handing over a six figure cheque to the charity it was raising funds for, and this was confirmed by the actual charity, and has shown on their accounts!!!

    Lets look at non-profit organisations and registered limited companies whom are working their way to becoming fully registered charities. Yet again, none of the directors have been arrested, charged or convicted of committing any fraud! In fact the opposite – they have been fully checked out by trading standards, licensing and legal departments from the Charity Commission themselves, yet nothing untoward had been discovered, and as always due diligence has been applied! In fact these organisations are also making great strides in helping our servicemen & women.

    So it does make a lot of people wonder why Dr Alex “TROLL” May has gone on his ridiculous quest? Many like myself think he is in employ of the ‘Major Army Charities’, who’s boards of directors earn six figure salaries, and annual six figure bonuses. These Major Charities don’t do a great deal of help, and are only there to help themselves. Not naming any names, but one of the UK’s biggest and most popular army charities is currently under investigation for misappropriation of funds! This particular charities founders paid themselves a 7 figure, yes SEVEN FIGURE salary last year! Not to mention the helicopter pad they had built in their back yard, and the helicopter they bought themselves!

    Maybe Dr Alex May would be better using his unique brand of investigative powers in investigation those organisations, and just as said by your previous poster – who made you Judge & Jury? Your sprouting nonsense about persons / organisations whom have never even been convicted of any offence of charity fraud!!!

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