From Prize Promotions Limited to Targeted Management Limited

  1. The military charity Our Local Heroes Foundation (registered charity number: 1142029) has a new official professional fundraiser: Targeted Management Limited, itself a new company. But who are they exactly?
  2. The charity previously worked with Prize Promotions Limited, the discredited Blackpool-based professional fundraiser. That company is now in administration, as I reported 27 January 2015. Readers will remember that Our Local Heroes Foundation had told BBC Radio 5 live at the start of November last year that it would stop working with Prize Promotions Limited – only to still be working together in December.
  3. On 19 February 2015, Steve Pearson, the founder of the charity, announced on its website the results of the first prize draw organised by Targeted Management Limited on its behalf. Here is his announcement as it appeared at 26 February 2015:
  4. So Our Local Heroes Foundation has finally stopped working with Prize Promotions Limited, it seems. But who owns Targeted Management Limited (company number: 09036445)? Tony Chadwick, the owner of… Prize Promotions Limited.

2 thoughts on “From Prize Promotions Limited to Targeted Management Limited

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