Stafford or Stamford, Lincs?

  1. Where does Mr D Jones live? He’s the winner apparently of second prize in the latest prize draw organised in the name of the charity Open Doors (registered charity number: 1006623) and its “Supporting our Heroes” campaign.
  2. He lives in Stafford, according to Dove Promotions, the official professional fundraiser: see the results of the 16 February 2015 prize draw on its website at 18 March 2015: But Open Doors says that D Jones is a resident of Stamford, Lincs: here is supposedly the same results on its website also at 18 March 2015:
  3. What’s the difference between Stafford and Stamford, Lincs? About 100 miles: Stafford is in the West Midlands of England, while Stamford, Lincs is in the East Midlands.
  4. Though there’s no discrepancy between the two websites on how much of the £2.50 prize draw ticket price goes to the charity. Both still fail to disclose the proportion. Andy Pilley, the chairman of Fleetwood Town Football Club, has conducted draws for Dove Promotions. Yet he, too, declined to tell me the answer, ignoring my emails (28 November 2014 and 8 December 2014). I contacted Mr Pilley after both the charity and the official professional fundraiser were unwilling to answer the legitimate question. (
  5. A final point: the disappearing “Our Supporters” page on the Open Doors website. In June 2014, the web page proclaimed: “This section is dedicated to all the companies and individuals that have supported us over the years. Without whose help Open Doors would not exist.” But beneath it said only: “Under Construction”. ( Well, the page was still there in August 2014 and it was still, er, “Under Construction”, as the snapshot at 22 August 2014 shows: Now though the “Our Supporters” page has vanished.
  6. Perhaps D Jones – wherever he is – can state how much of the £2.50 Dove Promotions ticket price goes to charity Open Doors. He might also be able to explain what’s happened to the “Our Supporters” page on the charity’s website. D Jones does exist, doesn’t he?

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