Six reasons why Precious Kids Children’s Trust is a dubious charity

  1. Precious Kids Children’s Trust (registered charity number: 1147281) is a children’s charity, as the name suggests. It works by making grants to individuals and organisations. But the charity is hugely inefficient, according to its latest accounts on the Charity Commission website. In 2013, it spent 0.3 per cent of its £80 248 income on donations out of the charity – that’s just £250 to the “ill, disabled or underprivileged” children in whose name the money is raised. Shameful.
  2. The charity simultaneously specifies three addresses for its website, but without explanation. So is listed on the Charity Commission public register. Yet those 2013 accounts, which were 147 days late at the commission in February 2015, state that is the address. Finally, Precious Kids Children’s Trust is also publicly using for its website – see this November 2014 report in local newspaper The Northern Echo, for example: Most serious is the fact that the domain name in the accounts,, isn’t even registered, let alone a website. This isn’t a minor point: the accounts explicitly refer the reader to non-existent website for the charity’s “achievements and performance” during the year. The accounts disclose nothing on achievements. Similarly, the charity’s “activities” section on the Charity Commission public register states: “see our website”. (The “activities” section is the trustees’ description in their own words of what they do and who they help.) A credible charity would ensure that the website address in its accounts was accurate, especially when that official document explicitly refers the reader to the website for important information. A credible charity would put that information in the accounts anyway.
  3. Precious Kids Children’s Trust is linked to Everyone’s Children’s Trust (registered charity number: 1127302), one of a group of related dubious children’s charities I exposed March 2015 in a four-part investigation into questionable charity collections at Asda stores. ( Two of the three trustees of Precious Kids Children’s Trust, Mr John Potter and Mrs Amanda Jane Potter (husband and wife?), were previously directors of Everyone’s Children’s Trust, the now dissolved company (company number: 06413095). This fact again undermines the credibility of the 2013 accounts where Precious Kids Children’s Trust says it’s “not associated or connected to any other organisation or parties”.
  4. Here’s another link to Everyone’s Children’s Trust: the “northern office” for Precious Kids Children’s Trust had an Everyone’s Children’s Trust email address – – at 28 June 2013. ( No related parties, really?
  5. Tony Stirk is registered owner of both domain names, and (source: WHOIS records). He’s the registrant for, as well as the domain names of further linked dubious children’s charities. (
  6. Precious Kids Children’s Trust is linked to the shadowy CRSA Ltd in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. CRSA Ltd established Everyone’s Children’s Trust, the company, with previous name CRSA Stock 7. It also set up further linked dubious children’s charities. ( CRSA Ltd prepares accounts for Precious Kids Children’s Trust.

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