Email from Support The Heroes – dated 5 May 2015

  1. Please read my two posts on Support The Heroes, a new military charity (registered charity number: 1155853). First: (published: 21 April 2015). And then: (published: 29 April 2015).
  2. On 5 May 2015, I received an email from the charity, signed by one of the trustees, Pauline White. Mrs White is listed as public contact for Support The Heroes on the Charity Commission website. Here is her email in full:


“Dr Alex May

We have received a copy of your blog posted on April 21, 2015 and quite frankly were amazed and upset with much of its content, especially the inaccuracies and innuendos.

Firstly:- our business relationship with Tony Chadwick stems from the fact that he is Managing Director of Targeted Management Limited (TML) which, as the name implies, is a management company and not a ‘professional fundraiser’ as you state. We are contracted with TML to perform certain functions which we decided to outsource (not having any paid employees – all of our five Trustees are unpaid). One of TML’s primary functions is the recruiting, supervision and training of self-employed sales personnel who are employed by Support The Heroes (Fundraising) Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Support The Heroes CIO). The foregoing should explain all of your points 2,3,4 and 5 and I refer you in particular to point 4 where I would bring to your attention that ‘Dave’ (whatever it says in his linked in profile) is employed by TML.

In points 1, 6 and 7 you mention at least 4 times that we do not mention working with a professional fundraiser. This is because we don’t (see paragraph 2).

As for your comment re the Twitter page not showing the full name (your point 10) this is due to the fact that only fifteen characters are allowed (we are surprised that you were not aware of this)

Our website, which is still in its early stages and is being provided free of charge did not display a landline telephone number and we thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is being remedied.

As mentioned above Support the Heroes (Fundraising) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Support The Heroes CIO and not (as you mention in your point 12) Mrs White’s company. In fact the whole of your point 12 is absolute nonsense. Of course the Charity pre-dates its subsidiary – how else could it be? You appear to be misguided or at best naïve about charity company structures. Ours is as advised by the Charities Commission, our specialist charity solicitor and our accountants Moore & Smalley who are highly regarded within charity circles.

At point 14 you state ‘I don’t understand why the Charities Commission allowed the name’ I suggest you take this up with them directly.

Your final point 16 categorically states that ‘Tony Chadwick isn’t independent of the charity trustees. In short, it is reasonable to question the legitimacy of Support The Heroes’ this is untrue and clearly defamatory. We are taking immediate legal advice regarding this statement in particular.

We are amazed (one of your favourite words) that you either did not think of, or decided to ignore, contacting us directly before publishing, or checking the facts which are in the public domain. It appears to us that your objective is to become a latter day Ralph Nader but you seem to primarily cause mischief rather than seek out the truth. I am sure that there are many rogues out there purporting to be acting as legitimate and charitable ‘fundraisers’ and should you decide to spend your time and efforts sorting the wheat from the chaff then the result should be of value.

Should you cause our Charity ill-will or any financial loss due to, either our ability to obtain new sites for fundraising (or any site where we have prepaid being withdrawn) or loss of existing sales personnel or difficulty in recruiting then we will not hesitate to further instruct solicitors to seek redress and take any action deemed necessary to protect our reputation and position within the charity community.

In the meantime we will continue to go about our legitimate and worthwhile charitable activities.

Pauline White

On behalf of Support The Heroes CIO”


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