Company endorsing Support The Heroes not registered at Companies House

  1. The company that new charity Support The Heroes (registered charity number: 1155853) publicly thanked so effusively for its support isn’t registered at Companies House. This fact further undermines the credibility of the military charity.
  2. My last post described how Support The Heroes thanked on Twitter 9 April 2015 Soul Consulting, “a unique business development company”, for its support. The tweet from Support The Heroes embedded a misleading tweet from the company – misleading because it appeared to confuse Support The Heroes and Help for Heroes (registered charity number: 1120920), the high-profile military charity. In particular, the Soul Consulting tweet used the hashtag #helpforheroes. Publicly thanking the company for such a questionable tweet raises serious questions about the charity.
  3. But it’s worse than that. Soul Consulting isn’t registered at Companies House. There is a dissolved company of that name (company number: 07525882) – dissolved 18 September 2012, without filing any accounts.
  4. On 12 May 2015, I rang the landline phone number on the company’s website,, to check. “Emma” answered – though I don’t know whether it was Emma Tickner, who is listed as “founder & director” of Soul Consulting. Perhaps it was one of the “managers” the company says will shortly be in touch if you complete the online contact form. Anyway, she asked whether I meant VAT number when I said I couldn’t see a company number on the Soul Consulting website. “No”, I said, “Where is the company number from Companies House?” “There isn’t one”, “Emma” replied, adding quickly: “We’re new, very new”. Oh.
  5. The charity is responsible for both its tweets and their contents. That Soul Consulting isn’t registered at Companies House further undermines the credibility of Support The Heroes.

One thought on “Company endorsing Support The Heroes not registered at Companies House


    Dear Mr May (sent directly via email on 23/8/16)

    I write to inform you of an article i have come across which you published on your website in May 2015 article here:

    I believe you have brought my name and companies name into some derogatory issue relating to scams via charities. I wish to inform you that what you are implying is incorrect and it is absolutely disrespectful of you to mention my name and my companies name and imply i have done something i shouldn’t have.

    ​My business, established in 2014 is not on companies house your correct, and i do recall a call from a man who was abrupt and ​​​unprofessional ​asking me why my details are not on companies house.

    If you had been professional and asked the question you were seeking then you would have got a very honest answer “I had given to a charity out of kindness and ​support to help for heroes in my local town who need more counselling for people suffering ​with PTSD​”​

    Instead you address my business as some fake dissolved company that is not on companies house, I wish to inform you clearly that my company nor my name has nothing to do with this issue you have mentioned. The way you write your article is unprofessional and very dishonest especially as you do not know me or my business​.

    I suggest you take down the article from your site immediately and at least be a grown up and call to discuss this issue to help you to understand your confusion.

    There also seems to be conflicting information which again you have mis-understood. I mention support our heroes out of word verb not as a charity (to which i didn’t know there was one) meaning i have supported our heroes by donating to help for heroes charity in my local town. To be honest i don’t know why i am wasting my time elaborating on such a terrible article especially as you have not been grown up enough to call me to discuss this unprofessional accusations you are making.

    The true fact of this matter is i wish to inform anyone who reads this that they actually understand what has happened and how this Mr May has been very unprofessional and talk about a business he knows nothing about nor has he taken the time or effort to understand who and what we do. Therefore, there are times when you have to let the smaller people in the world spit their dummies out and act like children to defend themselves in something that should really be dealt with by a professional.

    Please feel free to get in touch by phone instead of writing childish emails.

    Have a good day

    Best Regards

    Miss E Tickner
    Director – Soul Consulting

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