Army of Heroes: Blackpool Council acts

  1. There have been two reports in The Blackpool Gazette of the local council acting on Army of Heroes, at 15 August 2015.
  2. In December 2014, I exposed Army of Heroes, yet another bogus military charity from Blackpool, after encountering two of its representatives in Manchester city centre. A man in Army of Heroes branded clothing tried to sell me on the street a wristband in the name of what he explicitly said was a charity. Yet Army of Heroes isn’t a registered charity. ( See also In February 2015, reader Mike Ashworth sent a photo of its wristband sellers in Liverpool city centre. (
  3. First report in The Blackpool Gazette: 27 June 2015, “Cash collector denies claims”. (It’s available on the newspaper’s website: This records the appearance at court of Marvin Trussell, accused of operating fraudulent charity Army of Heroes. He pleaded not guilty. Blackpool magistrates adjourned Mr Trussell’s case for him to appear at Preston Crown Court 22 July. Note: Mr Trussell submitted four comments to this blog after I’d exposed Army of Heroes, which you can see on the first and third posts I cite in para 2.
  4. Second report in The Blackpool Gazette: 14 August 2015, “Dad sold fake charity’s arm bands on Prom”. (Again available on the newspaper’s website: This describes Blackpool Council’s successful prosecution of a local man for selling wristbands on the street illegally in the name of Army of Heroes, which he claimed was a charity. (There is surely an error in the headline for both the print and online versions: it’s wristbands, not arm bands, as is clear from the text of the report.) The local authority public protection officer’s description of his/her encounter with the street seller is very similar to my experience in Manchester city centre last December.
  5. I’ve seen evidence that Army of Heroes wristband sellers operate or have operated outside the North-West: see the comment from “CJ” on my 16 February 2015 post, for example, who claimed that they were in Glasgow, Scotland in April. On 13 August 2015, “Dave Cash” alleged that its street sellers were in Lincoln city centre, East Midlands: see his comment on my 12 December 2014 post.
  6. Have you seen Army of Heroes wristband sellers on the street? If so, where and when? Leave a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Army of Heroes: Blackpool Council acts

  1. Wristband sellers at Eastbourne Airshow. I bought a wristband in 2014 and 2015. Didn’t look at their website until this year however. Emailed to ask what they have achieved with donations to date. No reply Very fishy. Then I see these news articles. Feel cheated just as I did when Afghan Heroes folded.

    Our veterans need support but I will be more cautious in future.

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