Charity website has disappeared – as has the new chair

  1. On 11 August 2016, I revealed new evidence of multiple abuses at military charity Our Local Heroes Foundation (OLHF) – serious charity abuse AFTER sustained intervention by the Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales. Within days OLHF had pulled its website (screen shot in Figure 1).

    Figure 1. OLHF homepage at 26 August 2016

    Figure 1. OLHF homepage at 26 August 2016

  2. Similarly, within days the new chair of the charity, Des White, was no longer listed as a trustee on the Charity Commission public register of charities. I happened to notice his disappearance there on 7 September 2016.
  3. On 10 September 2016, meanwhile, OLHF updated its holding page, adding a phone number and registered charity number (screen shot in Figure 2). Then two days later a vague sentence was appended: “Our Local Heroes Foundation is under new management.” (screen shot in Figure 3). At date of publication that statement remains.
    Figure 2. OLHF homepage at 10 September 2016

    Figure 2. OLHF homepage at 10 September 2016

    Figure 3. OLHF homepage at 12 September 2016

    Figure 3. OLHF homepage at 12 September 2016

  4. It’s time for answers from OLHF. For a start, where has Mr White gone and why? And one for the Charity Commission: “New management” or not, why is OLHF allowed to continue as a registered charity?

4 thoughts on “Charity website has disappeared – as has the new chair

  1. The Charity is basically good – there is a message on the door that is revealing about the new chairman has approach to transparency and Steve Pearson – Remvox CEo – a little bird tells me Steve got himself a pay award from the charity 40k but new blood and all that is finding out stuff the charity com missed.
    Rock on this new guy – I hope he stays – this is a good charity taken a lend of by a millionaire local businessman and his family.

  2. why was steve pearson the founder locked out?
    why did steve pearson take the charity to high court?
    the costs of this action by steve pearson remvox must be scary for a small charity – the case is now a matter of public record?
    he has it seems took over the old town hall turned it into a monument to the pearsons of bamber bridge – i KNOW HE WAS A FAT LITTLE BOY GREEDY AND KEEN TO PLEASE AT SCHOOL and ran away to the army, but this and the costs of the high court etc must be un bearable for a small charity which you created but now we know why
    For the charity to lock him out they must be desperate?
    What is going on steve you were a greedy kid, ran away and joined the army are you were you an officer and a gentleman?
    You had your family and friends on the board and following the charity con report not a lot changed with the following board – till the new board took over but you are crushing them?
    Why isnt the charity commission back on the case?
    comon Steve what are you doing-what is going on?

  3. If people want an indication see wats going on at our local heroes foundation
    The regulator is re investigating the charity as it received information in June 2016 about a proposed disposal of land owned by the charity, which raised concerns that the land had been undervalued and could potentially be sold to a connected party (I wonder who this could be?). A further complaint was also received in June 2016 which raised regulatory concerns regarding the founder of the charity receiving significant personal benefit through the charity, along with a complaint that the charity was only receiving 20% of funds raised through a fundraising company (I suspect good old blackpool TML which is related to Prize Promotions Ltd Blackpool?) .

    As some of the concerns raised were similar to those addressed in a previous compliance case which was closed on 24 February 2016 with an action plan issued to the charity, the Commission visited the charity’s premises on 4 October 2016 where it was established that the action plan had not been complied with and that there were clear on-going serious regulatory concerns relating to the administration of the charity by the trustees and the private benefit obtained by the founder.
    The founder, one time CEO and the Business Advisor to Our Local Heroes Foundation is Mr S Pearson
    Who according to company house runs a lot of companies from the charities property at Station Road and Vantage House. His two three main companies are Remvox, Premier Property Maintenance and Pearson Properties north west (He’s a landlord of rented properties). So whats going on Steve, why a statutory investigation – and why are you moving out – alter this is serious stuff?
    We the people want to know, does your wife or brother have a view

  4. Well, Pearsons business partner REMVOX (WHERE DID THE MONEY COME FROM TO START REMVOX?) and friend a mark jones who was at one time chairman of olhf and who along with the pearson family board agreed a wage to pearson? is now under investigation as is his brother who’s only saving grace when challenged about whats went on in the charity in local pubs is – I was only following orders, and my nerves are shot! NO wONDER THE CHARITY COMMISSION HAVE HIM ON THE LIST TO INTERVIEW. Why did des white disappear?
    how pearsons wife (also a former board member and who must be due for an interview) live with themselves and face the local community knowing they took benefit from veterans in need if she only knew the chat around bamber bridge. i understand the council have retaken the building back?

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