Charity Commission opens statutory inquiry into Support The Heroes – and appoints interim manager

  1. On 27 January 2017, regulator the Charity Commission announced that it has opened a statutory inquiry into charity Support The Heroes (STH; registered charity number: 1155853) and appointed an interim manager:
  2. I first wrote about STH on 21 April 2015, exclusively exposing in my first post almost all the issues the commission says it wants the inquiry to investigate. That year, too, I revealed more about the unacceptable lack of clarity and transparency around the military charity and its business model (see my 11 August 2015 and 25 November 2015 posts, in particular). In its press release the commission says, rightly, that it has “serious concerns about an agreement that the charity has entered with a commercial fundraising company.” That unnamed company is Targeted Management Limited (TML; registered company number: 09036445) – a Blackpool firm incorporated in May 2014, whose activities this blog has exclusively exposed.
  3. TML worked with another military charity based in the north west, the notorious Our Local Heroes Foundation (OLHF; registered charity number: 1142029). The Charity Commission announced on 8 November 2016 that it has, finally, opened a statutory inquiry into OLHF, too (see my 23 December 2016 post and references therein).
  4. But it’s worse than that, as regular readers will know. Prior to working with TML, OLHF used the services of another discredited professional fundraiser, Prize Promotions Limited (PPL; registered company number: 07829587). And before PPL was the official professional fundraiser for OLHF, the company had this role for failed military charity Afghan Heroes (AH; registered charity number: 1132340). I first wrote about PPL and its role with AH in January 2014, just after the Charity Commission announced in December 2013 that it had opened a statutory inquiry into AH. That inquiry continues.
  5. Oh, PPL and TML are owned by the same person: Tony Chadwick of Blackpool.
  6. Three linked military charities – AH, OLHF and STH. Each is now the subject of a live statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission. On 2 October 2016, Andrew Gilligan in The Sunday Times reported my work on Mr Chadwick’s companies and the three linked charities (“Veterans miss out on charity millions as fundraiser keeps up to 80% of cash”). There he named me as the source and included quotes (see my 3 October 2016 post, which includes a link to Mr Gilligan’s newspaper article and the context). On 13 November 2016, Remembrance Sunday, the Mail on Sunday on its front page reported that the Charity Commission has ordered the opaque STH to stop all fundraising (“Shame of Poppy Day profiteers”): As you can see, I’m named and quoted in the front-page story.
  7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I’m grateful to the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, a Facebook group, for its interest in my work on STH, and help publicising it. The group first contacted me about the charity in December 2015 (email). The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ:

One thought on “Charity Commission opens statutory inquiry into Support The Heroes – and appoints interim manager

  1. Well, I guess given whats gone on with OLHF – I am told it takes time and effort to follow the money trail and identify wrong doing. I understand the the Board locked several companies out of its building, that the council has taken back the building – removing assets in lieu of rent owed, unfortunately those companies apparently smartly removed their assets and set up elsewhere and yet the building still retains the founders name above its main door and on its windows. The OLHF’s money has gone, The Preess and all previous boards now await the outcome of the statutory inquiry? Giving people time to shift assets, and cut a deal. How much has this inquiry cost tax payers and what of the loss to Vets. The Government and Charity Comm must act quicker, they should be given more resources and appoint an independant body and stop duplication of charities end the instances of organisations like TML (how can these people at TML STILL OPERATE – WHY ARE THEY NOT BANNED) and stop independents like foxy and certain others from ever being directors on any board or charity ever again. The Press need to keep asking questions. why have the press not intervied past board members of OLHF and other charities?What their personal liability and will they be asked/ordered to pay back monies – at least freeze their assets.
    I dont like every thing you say but keep at it Dr. May. The military charity sector is a disgrace and it needs shaken up.

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