Battersea Dogs & Cats Home fined £9k by the Information Commissioner’s Office

  1. On 5 April 2017, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (registered charity number: 206394) was one of 11 charities fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for breaching the Data Protection Act by misusing donors’ personal data. The animal charity’s fine was £9k. Here’s the ICO press release:
  2. Regulator the Charity Commission has today responded to the ICO announcement, confirming that it has opened compliance cases into the 11 charities. Here’s the Charity Commission press release:
  3. The fine for Battersea is only the latest indication of serious problems with the charity’s fundraising methods. On 13 December 2016, I exclusively reported that the world-famous charity has been working with a professional fundraiser that uses a fake company to vet staff. This after the charity had reviewed its processes and checks because of the failure of a previous professional fundraiser – a failure which has now led to the loss of £43 056 given by the public, I revealed. Oh, and Battersea refused to answer legitimate questions about the lost £43 056.
  4. Battersea deserves to be, ahem, in the doghouse for its fundraising shambles.

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