ITV’s Dr Chris Steele also plugged products without disclosure of interest

  1. Dr Hilary Jones isn’t the only resident doctor who’s promoted on ITV’s programmes specific health-related products and services, without disclosing his commercial relationships with the relevant companies (see previous post and references therein). Dr Chris Steele has done it, too.
  2. Dr Steele, a GP like Dr Jones, has been the resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning for nearly 30 years.
  3. Andrew Gilligan broke the story in The Sunday Times newspaper on 16 April 2017 (“Second ITV doctor plugged products”). I’m named and quoted in his report, which appeared on p.10 (scanned copy in Figure 1). It’s also available on the newspaper’s website, behind a paywall:

    Figure 1. The Sunday Times (16 April 2017, p.10)


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