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  1. Accessible Aid Charity No. 1152312 and Blackpool Office Ltd
    Hi, try checking these guys out there is something not right with it look at the directorships of the charity and BOL. BOL raise funds for Accessible aid for heroes and claim they are all volunteers yet it seems to be based on the same business model as “Sterling promotions” “Prize Promotions” and “TTS promotions” but the difference is Butcher seems to be a trustee of the charity????
    There also seems to be confusion with the name of the charity, according to the CC it is accessible aid yet on the http://www.accessnetwork.org/page/prize-draw.html page it is accessible aid for heroes?????

    FY1 3EJ

    Tel: 01253 987290
    Email: info@accessnetwork.org
    Website: http://www.accessnetwork.org
    Click on a trustee to show other charities for which they also act as trustee
    MR Mark Butcher Secretary

    Blackpool Office LtdEdit details
    Company Number: 07099208
    Company Type: Private limited with share capital
    SIC 2003: 7485 — Secretarial And Translation Activities
    SIC 2007: 82110 — Combined Office Administrative Service Activities
    Website: http://www.blackpooloffice.com
    Inc. Date: 09 Dec 2009
    Annual Returns: 09 Dec 2013
    Annual Accounts: 31 Dec 2012
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    Registered Address:
    2-4 Ansdell House Ansdell Road
    FY1 5LX
    United Kingdom
    Registered Tel: 08457585180
    Trading Address:
    Edit details
    2-4 Ansdell House Ansdell Road
    FY1 5LX
    Trading Tel: 08457585180
    About Blackpool Office Ltd
    Blackpool Office Ltd was set up on 09 Dec 2009 and has its registered office in Lancashire. Its current status is listed as “Live” and it currently has one director. Its founding director was Mr Mark Anthony Butcher. Blackpool Office Ltd has no subsidiaries.
    Current Appointments
    Number of current appointments: 1


    Appointed: 27/03/2013 Date of Birth: 06/06/1978
    Nationality: BRITISH

    No. of Appointments: 1





    FY1 5LX

    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND

    This Report excludes resignations

    Recent Filing History
    Documents filed since 12/12/2012

    09/04/2014 DISS40 DISS40 (DISS40(SOAD))
    08/04/2014 AR01 09/12/13 FULL LIST
    08/04/2014 LATEST SOC 08/04/14 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL;GBP 1
    08/04/2014 GAZ1 FIRST GAZETTE
    03/10/2013 AA 31/12/12 TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL
    12/12/2012 AR01 09/12/12 FULL LIST

    This Report excludes 88(2) Share Allotment documents

    Conflict of Interest or just another strange coincidence

    • Hi have noticed the veterans trust was run by charles sandbach and now he runs PTSD ACTION Ltd a “not for profit”company !
      on his website he states that “our professional consultants” have been approached many times by ptsd sufferers.. PTSD ACTION Ltd have been in my shopping centre many a time they wont let any 1 walk buy without pushing a collection bucket in your face ! no one collects that aggressive unless they are getting paid and who are there “professional consultants”
      my grandson ex army is convinced charles sandbach is the same charles sandbach who worked for prize promotions ! can anyone please help me figure this out.

      • It is time to put the record straight to Mr. Siddall and other semi-literate ‘internet trolls’ who continue to criticise me and our organisation behind the cloak of anonymity. First of all, yes, I set up the Veterans Trust with Mike Figg. I didn’t agree with his policies and asked him to tender his resignation – he refused, so, I, in turn, resigned, many, many moons ago back in April 2014. A quick check at Companies House will clarify this. After some considerable hardship I formed the NON-PROFIT – yes Mr. Siddall – registered NON-PROFIT organisation PTSD Action without shareholders in honour and memory of my Great-Uncle who was executed during WW1 for having this dreadful condition. I and one or two others who are part of this small organisation have toiled and worked hard, referring over sixty ex-servicemen for treatment and on top of that donated ALL of the profits, thus far totalling to over well over £30,000 to PTSD Resolution. Mr. Siddall seems to think we are on the take, his total lack of knowledge of fundraising and the logistics, organisation and costs behind this complex operation are reflected in his wasteful attacks upon us – we change people’s lives for the better, day in and day out. Internet trolls, what is good for them? Well, most of them seem to have plenty of time upon their hands – the answer… stop their benefits and get them out working for the community and the greater good of mankind – just like us.
        Siddall, you are a disgrace.

        Charles Sandbach

  2. Mr Sandbach,

    You call Mr Siddall for being under the cloak of anonymity yet he has used his name? I understand the theory and practice of professional fundraising and agree it is a necessary evil (forgive my terminology). However as you may know from previous posts i do try to do some research. The words “all of the profits” are questionable in themselves. All profits mean that you take out all running costs including “wages”. Now that could mean you are taking £2000+ per week for yourself your wife/girlfriend/partner could be on a similar amount, the collectors i believe are on 40%+ (FACT) of what they collect. Again i do understand that your collectors have expenses to incur and they are not “on the take” as such but the business you are in needs a better image and have transparency and work by rules and regulations as the “chuggers” industry has had to abide by (yes i know/believe you dont use chuggers).
    You did fail to answer one of the questions though and that is are you the same Charles Sandbach that worked for Prize Promotions?
    After calling round and finally getting through to someone, they confirmed that you are the same person that worked at Prize Promotions. In itself not a problem however you can see why people have questions about your motives for this work.

    • Mr. Jamieson,
      Why should anyone question my motives?… Over the years I have helped – as a volunteer – to restore the dignity and pride of ex-servicemen, even those who perished in world wars. My work has included documentary film-making and campaign work for those left off war memorials. I am a multi-award winning campaigner, a fully accredited journalist, writer and producer with an in-depth knowledge of PTSD. As a professional within the fund raising industry I have worked briefly for several organisations, including Prize Promotions who donated a huge sum of money to the Afghan Heores charity, I understand that the charity commission got involved over mis-management by the charity. With PTSD Action we have now donated over £60,000 in just over a year to PTSD Resolution and have become their largest donors. I am not sure where you get your information regarding our organisation from, that you state as (FACT) – you question people’s earnings including my own – that you have wildly exaggerated.

  3. Hope you see this. An article in my local paper which seemed harmless enough but then the last line jumped out – the charity has relocated to Lytham St Annes. Random! Unless it’s tied to others there?


    19:00Thursday 22 September 2016
    The former boss of an under-fire St Helens charity which was created in the borough has robustly defended its record following national press criticism.

    Des White, who used to run the Veterans Council, hit back strongly at allegations the organisation had wasted money from the Government’s Libor fund to help ex-personnel.

    A national newspaper investigation claimed the charity, which is based in Rainford Hall, had moved into a “stately home” as well as spending £30,000 on furniture and £100,000 on salaries in a 12-month period.

    However, Mr White said its move to Rainford Hall in St Helens was not a waste of money and the charity had managed to do a vast amount of good while being strictly monitored by national bodies.

    He said: “The Veterans’ Council did some fantastic work. It’s a Wigan success story, not a Wigan disaster. It started as a small group here and grew into a national, well-respected organisation.

    “I agree Rainford Hall is a country house but it has been set up as an office and the rates are comparable with anywhere else in the area.

    “They gave us a large room downstairs with better wheelchair access for free and another free meeting room whenever we wanted it.

    “We are quite proud of what we achieved. The prime minister twice said how good we were.

    “We were transparent and we were being monitored constantly by Libor to make sure we did everything right. We were open and honest because that is the Wigan way.

    “Hundreds of veterans contacted us through our database, we were working on accrediting organisations so people didn’t go to voodoo services, we partnered with the NHS, worked with Channel on radicalisation and were helping veterans in Vietnam.”

    Mr White was forced to step aside from his role with the Veterans’ Council due to ill health and the organisation is now based in Lytham St Annes.

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