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  1. Hi Dr Alex May, I am Kevin Hartley Director of Help 4 Homeless Veterans. It is unlikely you will print this comment however I would like to say Andrew Penman never contacted me by telephone I have checked both landline and mobile he has left no message. He may have sent me an email but I didn’t appear to have received it. I make it my practice to answer all queries from the public or organised bodies each Thursday. Of the many people who ask the same question Andrew Penman is asking they are answered. I do not answer anonymous
    questions. The answer to the question he asked is in the public domain.
    I suspect you can share a warm feeling between you and Mr Penman as result of his article which had nothing to do with the Charity other than inuendo and suggested slights. I suspect it will not in the least damage the Fundraising company you were possibly targetting but will damage the support Help 4 Homeless Veterans is providing for veterans living rough or in unsatisfactory conditions.
    I was keen to ensure you are aware I have not been approached at any time by Andrew Penman or any member of the public in regard to his article in the Daily Mirror. I hadn’t read the article the Daily Mirror is not the type of newspaper I would ever read.
    I normally wish people the greatest of success in their work however in you campaign to ensure vulnerable ex service personnel remain disadvantaged I cannot possibly do that.
    I would be interested however to know what your motivation is for your campaign against the Charity Commission which is trying to prove you wrong by attacking the small charities who generally are providing an excellent service in their regions.
    I believe the best in people and can only assume you are attacking vulnerable ex service personnel for a good reason, I am though a great believer in ‘God’s Boomerang’ so I am happy to wait out and see how both you and Mr Penman will be affected. Sadly the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  2. Good Morning Dr. May,

    A couple of months ago, while walking through the Cramlington Shopping Center, I bought several raffle tickets for the Our Local Heroes and yesterday tried looking online to see what the winning numbers were when the drawing was supposed to take place, 24/09/2014. Their web site is not updated, no one answers the phone, and I can’t email them. Is this ‘organization nothing but a scam?

  3. Hi
    I think it’s bad enough that you’re attacking small military charities, to the point they’re not being able to raise funds for those desperately in need, you are now attacking those in need of help with cancer.. Please explain your agenda. Did you get kicked out of the military? What? Or are you one of them trolls, who has plenty of time on your hands.. Maybe you could give a public answer if you’re not a troll.. I await your answer posted on your blog, but that’s unlikely hey?

    • These people are not a military charity or military anything, they are scammers who rip off the public and make it hard for genuine military organisation, I am the CEO of the Veterans Association UK, our head office is in Burnley but we are a nationwide organisation who re house homeless veterans and obtain mental health treatment for veterans and their families, I am sick to death of these thieves and liars ripping off the public, our website is and we ARE genuine, I served 8 years in the military with 1RHA ( Regulars 4 years) and South Notts Hussars (Voluntary Reserves 4 years) N.Ireland 1974 and 1976 wounded in 1976 so yes I am a veteran

  4. It’s all well and good posting my question. But I see you dont give an answer.. Obviously you like to ask questions but don’t like being in the spotlight yourself.. You are a joke!!

  5. Hi have you ever heard of “first-promotions-limited”. They were today collecting in Farnham Precinct and 2 guys collecting for ‘our brave heroes’ Supporting British Forces! Very offing to me – can’t find them on a charity list at all – can’t see Charity Number etc – one told me he was RE – other one mumbled incoherently- his ‘mate’ told me he was in Duke of Lancasters! Both built like Bodybuilders! Tried to get in contact with the Precinct people – the person I need is not available! The Security here have just contacted Fareham Council to check them out cos I made them! Their Board has picture of American GI in Vietnam methinks!

  6. CEO!!!!!! Isn’t that a paid job, Dr Alex may I hear you asking all these questions about all these army charity’s but every single charity for what ever reason is not 100%, only by doing a sponsored run or something that will cost you zero money to organise will only be 100%, I see these army charity’s in shopping centres but to be honest they stand there 6 days a week for about 8 to 9 hours a day, I’m not saying its the right way to raise money, but surely that’s why they get paid because of the effort, also all these charity shops do not get rent free property’s, all I’m saying is that if you going to seek the truth you should be asking the more well known charity’s…why don’t you do a few charity sponsored runs and raise some money yourself instead of sitting at computer trying to catch all these charity’s out, set us all a good example…..

  7. i work full time for a charity and was appalled to read on the raffle tickets we were gang pressed into buying state in the small print that only 40% of the money earned goes to the charity!!!
    disgraceful !!!!
    these people should be stopped.

  8. I suppose in a sense the EDL concern for homeless ex servicemen is quite commendable and they have managed to tie in the refugee crisis. Except this appears to be just a political move for kudos where for example was the EDL campaign prior to the refugee issue? While elements of the BNP were tied in with SOTS soldiers off the streets purely by association then the EDL appears to be involved? Having Googled EDL campaign for homeless ex servicemen SOTS then appeared halfway down a list which did not specify any EDL involvement with any of the previous posts.The webpage for SOTS still displays two registered charity numbers unsurprisingly neither number is currently recognised…/RegisterOfCharities/…?
    While the company number shown here to be SOTS is wrong as it belongs to a company called TYMPANY LIMITED
    01578049 – Incorporated on 5 August 1981
    07018818 – Incorporated on 15 September 2009
    Unit 4, Glan Aber Trading Estate, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL13 2PL

  9. It’s been two years since the first comment got posted and yet we are still waiting for a reply from Dr Alex May, the question is are we wasting our time, he must be busy investigating the immigration crisis or something like that, well let’s hope we hear from you soon Dr strange

  10. re The Forgotten Heroes – spoke to a wristband seller today who claimed to be selling for the forgotten heros – i asked if it was a charity but he said NO – they jsu sell to help homeless ex service people. i took photos of him and will be forwarding them to the local authority – I asked a market trader if they knew who to report his activity to and was told he had been reported before!

  11. Dr Alex May – you do NOT have the correct and accurate facts…!! You obviusly dont have much to do in life…..please get a Life;;;!!

  12. Dr Alex May I challenged Support For Heroes in my hometown of Bishop Auckland and the tall aggressive salesman said, when I mentioned your name…oohhh hes in trouble … I am worried that was a threat !

    • I honestly think that your on to something here, I’ve realised you could be correct on your investigation on all the tiny little army charities but what I don’t understand is that why does every tom dick and Harry like myself keep commenting on this site when you don’t reply. I would really like to know why you don’t investigate the large charities like help for heroes, from what I hear is their just as corrupt as all these small ones. Maybe your one of the trustees of help for heroes who knows, maybe it’s you who needs to be investigated, I reckon we start in Stockport!!!!! One word to describe you is a fucking COWARD for slagging Rick clement, he might of thought he was doing right and he made a mistake, yet these large charities are able to get away with it, and it’s not just the military charities that get away with it, Dr Alex may you really need to do some real research on charities, it all starts from the large charities that gives the smaller charities the reason to do what they do, these large charities get away with it due to the commercial side of it which cost a lot more to do than paid staff, there’s one reason right there why you should investigate, here’s another apparently help for heroes spend millions on advertising, anyway my finger hurts doing and I’m probably wasting my fucking time, hope to here from you soon shit house….

  13. Although I don’t agree with companies making big bucks out of selling tickets, I’m appalled that you and that Wanker penman, have the audacity to attack a man who lost half his body and nearly lost his life, just because he wanted to help those who were struggling.. You really are one piece of lowlife, remember karma has a funny way of biting back

  14. Another scammer

    10370829 – Incorporated on 12 September 2016
    3 Mitchell Street, Burslem, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England, ST64WX

    CHETWYND, Anthony John
    Correspondence address
    169 Sneyd Street, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England, ST62NY

    Chetwynd was also director of TTS promotions and TTS promotions UK both companies closed down before books had to put in..
    Bunch of thieving b****s

  15. Blah blah blah fucking blah, if you really think it’s just charity’s having us over you all really need to get a grip, I’ve been digging into every day things like, banks or marketing, their the real con men, bullying the elderly or giving us offer we can’t refuse then your tide down on to something, honestly tho this happens everywhere, I enjoy looking at all the comments you lot leave, just sit back and have a think if you have been sold something you didn’t really want, no matter weather it’s a charity or a company we all get had over, it’s as simple as that

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